Waste Streams & Approval

Who We Serve

Arrowhead serves a broad range of industries, including:

Utilities and Energy
Health Care
Exploration and Production
Steel Production
Government and Municipalities
Engineering and Consulting
Environmental Contractors
Recycling and Reuse
Industrial Maintenance

Arrowhead is permitted to accept Municipal Solid Waste, Construction and Demolition Debris and Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) approved industrial and special waste streams.

Arrowhead Liquid Solidification Services: State and federal regulations prohibit the disposal of free liquids in a Subtitle D landfill.  At Arrowhead’s solidification facility, we can accept liquids and semi-solids in bulk tankers, sludge boxes, drums and totes.  We use solidification agents to bind free liquids and render the waste acceptable for final disposition in our Subtitle D facility.  Contact us for more information on how we can serve your non-hazardous liquid waste disposal needs.

Acceptable Industrial and Special Wastes include:

  • Coal Combustion Residue (CCR)
  • Contaminated Soils and Debris
  • Liquid and semi-solid waste (for solidification)
  • Auto shredder residue
  • Dredge spoils
  • Electronics
  • Non-infectious putrescible waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Asbestos
  • Foundry sand
  • Petroleum contaminants
  • Water and Waste Water treatment sludge
  • Tires
  • Other non-hazardous waste streams

Waste Approval Process

A Form 300 must be completed and submitted to ADEM for each industrial or special waste stream approval. The form is used to profile your waste stream to determine if it meets the regulatory criteria to be disposed in a Subtitle D Landfill.  Our special waste experts are available to assist in the review of your waste stream and to help expedite the waste approval process.  We work closely with ADEM to properly characterize and document all waste streams to ensure our customers are compliant with State and Federal Regulations and that no unacceptable waste is received at Arrowhead.

Let one of our waste experts guide you through the waste approval process.