New Hope Church Cemetery

Arrowhead Landfill has been working with members of the local community to help restore and preserve New Hope Church Cemetery, a historically and culturally significant site in Perry County. As a result of these efforts, a foundation dedicated to the perpetual care of the cemetery has been formed.

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The New Hope Church Cemetery Foundation will ensure that the cemetery is owned and controlled by the descendants of those buried there. Although the cemetery once lied within the boundary of lands owned by Arrowhead Landfill, Arrowhead has deeded the Foundation the cemetery and the acreage immediately surrounding it.

Arrowhead is now working with Foundation members to clean up the cemetery and will provide appropriate signage noting its historical significance. In addition, Arrowhead will work with the Foundation to set up and maintain a social media site to allow for communication with heirs of those interred at the cemetery.

Click here for the final report issued by Environmental Services, Inc. regarding the cemetery clean up.

Clean-up and clearing of the New Hope Church Cemetery.
Feb 2015