About Us

Arrowhead Landfill offers a uniquely designed, high capacity and environmentally sound disposal facility for customers, communities and a wide range of industries across 33 states. Located above the Selma Chalk Formation, Arrowhead Landfill is one of the most environmentally sound disposal facilities in the nation.

With large capacity, unmatched logistical capabilities, railway access, and regulatory permitting for a wide range of waste streams, Arrowhead Landfill is uniquely positioned to meet the expanding needs of a wide range of customers.  Arrowhead, located in Perry County, Alabama, is a 1,345-acre greenfield development with a 425-acre Subtitle D footprint.   The facility has 75 million cubic yards of permitted airspace and can receive up to 15,000 tons of waste per day.  Proximity to major rail lines allows Arrowhead Landfill to handle waste disposal from communities and companies in all states east of the Mississippi River, all states along the western edge of the Mississippi River, Oklahoma and Texas.

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About Green Group Holdings, LLC, Owner of Arrowhead Landfill

Green Group Holdings, LLC, parent company of Arrowhead Landfill, specializes in large-scale infrastructure development, environmental permitting and operations for projects like industrial parks, transfer stations, recycling facilities, and solid waste landfills. Green Group Holdings is proud to have raised the bar for infrastructure development by linking arms with residents and local officials in the communities it serves. It’s this commitment to innovation and transparency that has solidified Green Group Holdings’ reputation as a proven partner and good neighbor in communities across the country.  For more information, please visit www.greengroupholdings.com.