Permit Renewal Granted for Arrowhead Landfill

CANTON, GA – February 15, 2017 –Green Group Holdings, LLC, the parent company of Howling Coyote, LLC and Perry County Associates, LLC is pleased to announce that the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) has completed its extensive review of the landfill permit renewal and modification for Arrowhead Landfill.

ADEM released the approved permit with the same service area, approved waste types, and other essential operating parameters as the previous permit. As part of the permit approval process, ADEM held two public meetings and accepted public comments during its evaluation of the permit application.

“On behalf of Green Group and our operating companies, we commend ADEM’s transparency and due diligence during its review process. All stakeholders were given the opportunity to participate and provide input,” said David Green, President of Green Group Holdings, LLC.

“The ultimate issuance of the permit validates that the environmental safeguards at the site and operational track record are consistent and in compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements,” Green commented.

The issuance of the new permit comes on the heels of another important milestone last week. On Tuesday, the Federal Magistrate approved a negotiated settlement of the pending defamation lawsuit filed by Green Group against four members of Black Belt Citizens Fighting for Health and Justice.

Last November, Green Group initiated the discussions with the defendants counsel in an effort to use other venues than Federal Court and litigation for a dialogue about Arrowhead Landfill.

“As reflected in the Joint Statement included in the Settlement Agreement, we respect first amendment free speech rights. We also believe the science and monitoring data support the actual facts related to our site; not the emotionally charged hyperbole contained in some of the defendants statements,” Green said.

“We hope this settlement will foster an opportunity to change the narrative about our site and we look forward to continuing our community outreach program that will provide even greater information about our operations in the future. It has been a good week for Arrowhead,” Green said.

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