Official Statement from Green Group Holdings

It was recently reported that the EPA’s Office of Civil Rights is conducting an investigation of an administrative complaint made against the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) related to its permitting processes. The administrative complaint is not against Arrowhead Landfill. A majority of the initial complainants withdrew from the process in late Sept. 2013 after admitting there was no basis in law or fact for their claims of violations of federal environmental laws.

“We take pride in our operation of the Arrowhead Landfill which, despite being the most inspected landfill in Alabama, has had zero notices of violation since opening in 2007,” stated Ernest Kaufmann, CEO of Green Group Holdings, owner of the Arrowhead Landfill. “We are unclear as to why the investigation of this administrative complaint is receiving publicity at this particular point in time but, if requested, we will fully cooperate. As of yet, the EPA’s Office of Civil Rights has not contacted us. Arrowhead is an excellent site for responsible disposal of waste, including coal ash, just as the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the EPA, the EPA Office of Environmental Justice, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) and the local government of Perry County have unanimously agreed.”

According to a letter from the EPA Region 4 office dated April 9, 2014, after an extensive analysis in 2009, the EPA found that Arrowhead “met or exceeded all of the technical requirements set forth by the EPA to ensure that such disposal was protective of human health and the environment.  Specifically, the landfill conducted regular groundwater monitoring and was equipped with a compacted clay composite liner, a polyethylene geomembrane liner, a leachate collection system and a protective buffer surrounding the property.”

As a modern landfill, Arrowhead features multiple layers of groundwater protection, including a highly engineered liner system with an extensive leachate removal and collection system. The groundwater monitoring and methane gas detection systems confirm that the environmental control systems are performing properly.

“In response to neighbors’ requests, we have taken steps to further improve Arrowhead, such as relocating the entrance to move all traffic away from the facility’s neighbors, and making other drainage improvements to assure the roads on site were in good shape for the efficient movement and disposal of waste,” Kaufmann said.

Furthermore, Arrowhead is unique because it is located over one of the most impermeable naturally occurring clay formations in North America. The hundreds of feet of Selma Chalk provide an added layer of protection between the lined facility and the groundwater, making Arrowhead one of the most environmentally secure disposal facilities in the nation.

“Arrowhead leadership and employees take great pride in working with the local community through a Community Advisory Group as well as supporting local schools, parks and other civic organizations,” Kaufmann continued. “Through a permanent host agreement with Perry County, we contribute a percentage of tipping fees to the county government as well as providing funds for the upkeep and maintenance of local county roads.”

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Letter from the EPA Region 4 dated April 9, 2014
Letter from the EPA Region 4 dated July 3, 2014

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